An expert in the credit industry with over 20 years experience, Al Williams has helped thousands of people regain excellent credit through his techniques. Al has given seminars through out the nation and worked with mortgage companies and the real estate industry. He has extensive experience and has been a national speaker in the insurance, banking and finance fields. He was named among the who’s who in the life insurance industry as well as a member in the million dollar round table.

His diverse experience in the finance industry has led him to develop this unique system of the ‘12 Secrets to Rebuilding Your Credit.’ Al’s clients have ranged from movie actors, doctors, attorneys, firemen, law enforcement and business owners to various individuals needing to improve their credit scores. His ability to apply these secrets has enabled him to maximize each client’s FICO score in a relatively short period of time. He has raised some scores over 200 points in 6 to 10 weeks – unheard of in the credit restoration business.

Al Williams is a native of Virginia and currently resides in Southern California.

Al Williams “Knowledge Is The Key”

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