Please note that as the owner of a mortgage company I have seen many credit restoration programs. In my opinion the ’12 Secrets to Rebuilding Your Credit’ program produced by Al Williams is unmatched in the industry of credit restoration. The techniques he provides if followed will lead to the freedoms that a good credit rating will provide. I have referred many clients to Al Williams and have seen the amazing results of his program firsthand.
Don McLain – Owner – Coast Hills Financial Irvine, CA
Al Williams has enabled many of my clients to obtain loans at favorable rates that they would have otherwise not received. In my many years in the finance business I have never seen a more ingenious or knowledgeable person that understands the credit reporting industry inside and out including FICO scoring, how it operates and how to improve it. I highly recommend his program to anyone needing to improve their credit score and enhance their ability to receive a loan. Rick Wall – Loan Officer – Newport Beach, CA 
Mr. Williams helped me raise my credit score more than a 100 points so I could buy my house. I tried other ways to improve my score and get a loan but kept running into dead ends. He helped me when others couldn’t. Thank you Mr. Williams!
Stephanie Collier – Miami, FL 

I tried other so called ‘self help credit repair’ services but got bogged down in the bureaucracies (Credit Reporting Bureaus). Al helped me get the negatives removed from my report, establish an excellent credit history and get the loan my family desperately needed. I would recommend his service to anyone needing a solution that really works.
Rick Brahm – Attorney – Virginia Beach, VA


For years I have been frustrated by the credit scoring agencies, the three companies who rule our lives. Due to their way of calculating scores, my scores were habitually being penalized, even though I did not have “bad” credit, that is unpaid accounts, collections, judgments or late payments.

The nature of my business, which is real estate investing, requires me to have many “inquiries” since I am either purchasing or refinancing properties. Too many inquires, as these agencies decided, is a negative. Having loans which are not “aged” is negative. These factors, as well as others they use, have unfairly reduced my scores.

Al Williams came recommended to me through a real estate broker because Mr. Wiliams had helped a buyer improve their scores so that they could qualify for a loan. In a short period, Mr. Williams was able to work his magic and my scores are now around 825, which I probably have never had, at least not since my college days.

While many claims to be able to improve your credit scores only Al Williams in my experience, is the true Credit Avenger! I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.

Fred Schor – Los Angeles, CA